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All-Natural Foods

You will find that nearly all of our products really are all-natural

What is all-natural? Well, we'd like to think that it has something to do with planting / maintaining / harvesting / producing by hand (true!), and with no artificial chemicals, no GMOs, no fillers, no extensive cost cutting thereby sacrificing quality, and no or very limited gas-powered machinery. In an age of hyper-everything, there are still some folks who successfully use old fashioned methods.

Charitable Giving = Family Farm Pantry

100% of our after-tax profits go to worthy endeavors

One of the many reasons that we wake up in the morning is that we focus on earning money so that it can, in turn, be given away by the Kingdom Works Foundation (www.KingdomWorksFoundation.org). There is no feeling like giving to people, especially those in need. We have been set-up in this fashion, and are proud to do it

Support of many small Wisconsin Farmers

We work with and support many small farmers in Wisconsin

And most of these folks are incredible & hard-working Amish families. The end result is a mix of wonderful foods, meats, and lifestyle items that you can be certain will be delicious & natural, with an obvious slant toward good old-fashioned hard work teamed up with time-tested old world recipes. And, their planting, maintenance, harvesting, and production is done in an environmentally-sensitive way...the same way that life is lived for literally hundreds of years. There really is no substitution for being a good steward!

We are the Family Farm Pantry, a small(but growing) business centered in Southwest Wisconsin. We really are a “family business”, as we are a sum of many Knapp and Seaborg family members.

Just know that any purchase made on this website helps serve individuals and organizations in need. Explore more by visiting the Kingdom Works Foundation website.


Family Farm Pantry
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