So, What happened
to the Pantry?

Well, that’s an excellent question.  We’re proud to let the world know that we have grown and expanded to include our very first retail store in downtown Prairie du Chien, WI.

In November & December of 2021, we participated in what’s known as a ‘popup store’, that included 10’s of local artisans and food producers all under the same roof.  We loved this concept so much, we jumped at the chance to take the reigns and make something special for 2022.

What this means to you is simply…quality Family Farm Pantry products paired with many talented artisan producers. It’s a good mix of options and a fun shopping experience.

Family Farm Pantry
the Market on Blackhawk

We're working VERY hard to bring the Family Farm Pantry to a Whole New Level

The Family Farm Pantry is starting our first retail store, which is named the Market on Blackhawk.  It is located at 109 East Blackhawk Avenue, Prairie du Chien, WI.

And the

More than



The Family Farm Pantry is growing and evolving. Starting April 1st, 2022 we will have opened our very first retail store pace in Prairie du Chien, WI!

Our new store is called the Market on Blackhawk. AND, it’s more than just our products. 

It’s just fantastic.

Partnering together with local talented artisan  producer is a great way of coming up with exciting options, and even lowering prices.  As a group, we’re making this a ‘together’ kind of thing.

The Market on Blackhawk store started as a way to bring business to a struggling downtown.  It’s an honor to take part in a new collaborative business.