The Family Farm Pantry Farmstand

We'd like to proudly introduce to you our upcoming 'Pantry on wheels!

Everything we do at Family Farm Pantry has a story behind it. Our Mobile Farmstand is no different. One of our member farms took on the task of turning a flatbed trailer into yet another hand crafted Family Farm Pantry signature creation.

We've started construction on a new, exciting facet of our new-and-growing business. This page is intended to show you a running update on what it is, what it will do, and where you will be able to find it!

What is The Farm Stand?

So, what are we going to be selling at the Farmstand? Well, we want to do it right, so we are starting out slowly. Initially we are offering our signature jams, jelly, maple syrup and honey. We will be adding pancake & waffle mix, ground flours, muffin, cake, and cookie mixes, and many many more pantry products.

During the growing season, we will be offering select, organically grown produce as it becomes available. When our local baking facility becomes operational, we will be offering fresh bread, cookies, pies and other treats.

We will be offering grass fed / grass finished beef in our “den Besten” line of meats. “Den Besten” is old world German meaning The Best, and this beef is wonderful. You will be able to order for delivery or pick-up at the Farmstand, 1/16th (25lbs.) and 1/8th (50lbs.) bundles of beef. Processed at our partnered Federally inspected facility, they will be vacuum sealed and frozen fresh. More details about this is available in the near future.

What Phase of Construction is it in?

As you can see from the pictures on the right, we started work literally from the ground up. After acquiring a heavy-duty trailer, Jeff has been working with several Amish carpenters and volunteers to build a rugged & beautiful creation.

We are not finished, but we're getting closer. Like many of our products, even our Farmstand is locally sourced….we kid you not.

Sustainably harvested pine trees are removed from the forest by logging teams using horse and harness methods. WIth regard to the photos, you can scroll through them to see the vintage sawmill operation that was used to cut the trees into boards.

The steel on the roof was formed at a local roll forming shop only 5 miles from where the trees were harvested and the Farmstand is being built. Now that is really putting “buy local / shop local” to the test.

Even the windows, trailer and cooling unit were purchased from Wisconsin based businesses. And we don’t stop there. All our finished product that will be sold at the Farmstand is locally sourced or packaged within our small group of member farms and producers.

It's Not Just About Selling Products...

The Farmstand is so much more than a place to get jams, pies and meat. We like to describe it as a “rolling ambassador” for community service. A BIG part of Family Farm Pantry & The Farmstand is working with one of our other “sister” companies, Kingdom Works Fundraising.

When you stop by the Farmstand, ask us about fundraising and how we can help almost any group, organization, school or church raise funds using all the products that we have at our disposal. To learn more about Kingdom Works Fundraising, call us at (855) 513-0535, or via our Contact page .

So you see, The Farmstand is so much more than you could imagine. Stop out, buy some jam, sample a piece of candy, and set aside a few minutes to just sit and talk about everything the Farmstand has to offer.

Check out the Schedule of Events (e.g. displayed on this page), and we hope to see you at The Farmstand!

Schedule of Events for July & August, 2020

  • Day & Time TBD - Farmer's Market - Prairie du Chien, WI
  • Day & Time TBD - La Crosse, WI
  • Day & Time TBD - Farmer's Market - Prairie du Chien, WI


Pictures current as of 6/23/2020

We are the Family Farm Pantry, a small (but growing) business centered in Southwest Wisconsin. We really are a “family business”, as we are a sum of many Knapp and Seaborg family members. Our families have individually created many successful businesses, and to make the ‘Pantry a reality is no exception.


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