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Return Policy

What is the Family Farm Pantry “Returnless” Return Policy?

At Family Farm Pantry, we strive to make returns as easy as we can. Our mission is to provide you with the best products, and the best service that we Wisconsinites can. :-)

  • After opening one of our products, and you feel that there is a problem with the taste, the appearance, or any other quality issue, we will replace, exchange for an item(s) of equal or lesser value, or provide a Family Farm Pantry store credit. You get to make the choice of the option that you prefer.
  • If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with either A) a product or B) an item in a product “bundle” (e.g. like a 3-pack jam, or a multi-granola sampler), and your product(s) have not yet reached their expiration date(s), we’d love to work to make things right. Note that if you have ordered a product that is really a “bundled item”, check out the next question about bundled products.
  • In most instances, we will not ask you to return products.
  • For very large quantity order returns (i.e. including wholesale and institutional customers), simply contact our Family Farm Pantry support team.
  • If a return is required, the value of a returned item does not include the value of the original shipping charges. We are not responsible for shipping costs other than due to our own mistake.
  • There may be non-returnable/exchangeable products & services that may be offered on our website. It will indicate clearly in the product description if a different return policy applies.

What happens with a Return if I order a product that is in reality a product that contains Bundled (multiple) items, but not all of the items need to be returned?

Great question! Let’s say that you order something like a 3-pack of jam, or a multi cheese sampler from the Family Farm Pantry, and one or three items do not satisfy?

  • We will gladly work to replace the item(s), exchange for an item(s) of equal or lesser value, or offer you a Family Farm Pantry Store Credit for the individual item(s) that do not meet your satisfaction.
  • But on the other hand, if some of the items in a bundled product do meet your satisfaction, then we will work to only address your dissatisfied items. Like any return with the Family Farm Pantry, we will offer the choice of replacing the item(s), to exchange with items of equal or lesser value, or offer you a store credit for the value of the dissatisfied items.

How do I initiate a Replacement, an Exchange, or Obtaining a Store Credit for undesirable items?

You may start this process by doing one of the following:

  1. Log in to your account on the Family Farm Pantry website.
  2. Call our Family Farm Pantry support number at (608) 537-3770

What if I decide to cancel the order before it arrives on our doorstep?

  • This gets a little tricky for us. Because of the way that we fulfill orders, once an order is placed many separate actions are done by people in different geographic locations - many of those remote locations are not equipped with telephone or computer capabilities. In some instances, a FFP product can literally be hand-made to order by hard-working small Wisconsin farmers soon after your order is received. We’re not kidding. (To be safe, we want to be transparent and say that not all orders are hand-made the day of the order.)
  • Cancelling orders is a very labor-intensive process for both the hard-working small farmers and staff of the Family Farm Pantry. Order cancellations can only be requested prior to shipment.

What if one or more Family Farm Pantry products in your order arrive on your doorstep damaged?

While we take steps to reduce and eliminate damaged deliveries, they sometimes happen. If one or more individual items in your order arrived damaged, we kindly ask for the following:

  1. Take a photo that clearly and adequately shows the damaged items and send to [email protected] Please do this while avoiding injury to yourself or others (e.g. without cutting yourself on, say, broken glass, and so on).
  2. Send the picture to us at [email protected], with an explanation of how it arrived, and the order number listed on your packing list or purchase email.
  3. A friendly member of our Family Farm Pantry support team will work to process this as soon as possible, whether you choose a replacement, an exchange for an item of equal or lesser value, or Family Farm Pantry store credit.

Note: We will work with you when there are times when a specific replacement is just not possible. For example, you order a delicious jar of our Strawberry Jam, and it arrives damaged. If the Strawberry Jam is out of season and there are no jars left, we will work with you to get an exchange for a different item of equal or lesser value, or offer you a store credit. We want to make things right for you!

We are the Family Farm Pantry, a small(but growing) business centered in Southwest Wisconsin. We really are a “family business”, as we are a sum of many Knapp and Seaborg family members.

Just know that any purchase made on this website helps serve individuals and organizations in need. Explore more by visiting the Kingdom Works Foundation website.


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